– IObjectMover implementation

IObjectMover implementation.

class OracleObjectMover(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases:, relstorage.adapters.mover.AbstractObjectMover


database_driver – The IDBDriver in use.

download_blob(cursor, oid, tid, filename)[source]

Download a blob into a file.

get_object_tid_after(cursor, oid, tid)[source]

Returns the tid of the next change after an object revision.

Returns None if no later state exists.

on_store_opened(cursor, restart=False)[source]

Hook for subclasses.

restore(cursor, batcher, oid, tid, data)[source]

Store an object directly, without conflict detection.

Used for copying transactions into this database.

upload_blob(cursor, oid, tid, filename)[source]

Upload a blob from a file.

If serial is None, upload to the temporary table.

class OracleRowBatcherStoreTemps(keep_history, binary, batcher_factory=<class 'relstorage.adapters.batch.RowBatcher'>)[source]

Bases: relstorage.adapters.mover.RowBatcherStoreTemps