Installing Database Drivers for PostgreSQL#


See Installation for the easiest way to get the best drivers.

For CPython3, install psycopg2. pg8000 is also tested to work.

On PyPy, install psycopg2cffi 2.8+ (PyPy will generally work with psycopg2 but it will be much slower; in contrast, pg8000 performs nearly as well.)

Here’s a table of known (tested) working adapters; adapters in bold are the recommended adapter installed with the extra.

Tested Adapters#




  1. psycopg2

  2. pg8000


  1. psycopg2cffi

  2. pg8000


psycopg2 can be used with gevent by explicitly choosing a gevent-aware driver if a wait callback (such as psycogreen) is installed; RelStorage will install an optimal one automatically if the system is monkey-patched. pg8000 is compatible (cooperative) with gevent when the system is monkey-patched.

For additional details and warnings, see the “driver” section in PostgreSQL Adapter Options.