Oracle Adapter Options#

The Oracle adapter has been tested against Oracle 12, but likely works with Oracle 10 as well. The only supported driver is cx_Oracle.

The Oracle adapter accepts:


Other than “auto” the only supported value is “cx_Oracle”.


(This is a historical note. Only version 6.0 and above of cx_Oracle is supported in RelStorage 3.)

If you use cx_Oracle 5.2.1 or 5.3 (in general, any version >= 5.2 but < 6.0) you must be sure that it is compiled against a version of the Oracle client that is compatible with the Oracle database to which you will be connecting.

Specifically, if you will be connecting to Oracle database 11 or earlier, you must not compile against client version 12. (Compiling against an older client and connecting to a newer database is fine.) If you use a client that is too new, RelStorage will fail to commit with the error DatabaseError: ORA-03115: unsupported network datatype or representation.

For more details, see issue #172.


The Oracle account name


The Oracle account password


The Oracle data source name. The Oracle client library will normally expect to find the DSN in /etc/oratab.