– Oracle adapter for RelStorage#

Oracle adapter for RelStorage.

class OracleAdapter(user='relstoragetest', password='relstoragetest', dsn='', commit_lock_id=0, twophase=False, options=None, locker=None, mover=None, connmanager=None)[source]#

Bases: AbstractAdapter

Oracle adapter for RelStorage.

Create an Oracle adapter.

The user, password, and dsn parameters are provided to cx_Oracle at connection time.

If twophase is true, all commits go through an Oracle-level two-phase commit process. This is disabled by default; it causes deadlock detection to become slow and based on a timeout. Even when this option is disabled, the ZODB two-phase commit is still in effect.

driver_options: IDBDriverOptions = <module '' from '/home/docs/checkouts/'>#